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Patient & Family Partnership Council (PFPC): Who We Are

Patients and their care partners are at the center of the KHI mission. The KHI PFPC is a tangible representation of that commitment.

By providing a channel for patients to get involved in advising and making recommendations on the priorities and projects of KHI, patients can influence innovation in the kidney community and ensure the patient voice is heard in the development of clinical trials, treatements, drugs and devices.

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As a public-private partnership with the US Food and Drug Administration, KHI works to include the patient voice in projects, workshops and product development. By filling out the form below, patients and care partners interested in KHI's work, including workgroups, workshops, providng feedback, or taking patient surveys. Filling out the form provides access to:

  1. A newsletter and other communication via email regarding KHI and KHI PFPC activities
  2. Involvement opportunities, such as workgroups, workshops, project feedback, and surveys
  3. Knowlege about future KHI and patient related activites

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Mission & Charge:

The mission of KHI is to enhance patient quality & safety and foster innovation in kidney disease. Patients and their care partners are at the heart of the KHI mission. To further patient involvement in KHI, a Patient and Family Partnership Council (PFPC) will work closely with KHI Board of Directors and staff to advise and make recommendations on member project proposals, KHI projects and overall efforts of KHI so that the patient's voice, experience and involvement is meaningful and effective. The KHI PFPC is comprised of up to 10 members who are patients, families, care partners and/or patient organization staff and faculty.

To provide strategic guidance to KHI about how to activate and include the patients, their families and care partners in KHI activities, including but not limited to:

  1. Advise KHI members regarding patient involvement in their project proposals
  2. Outline opportunities for patients to serve once a project has been endorsed
  3. Identify patients to serve on project workgroups
  4. Collaborate on developing patient centered project(s) to submit for KHI endorsement

The KHI PFPC is not a decision making group. KHI PFPC's ideas and recommendations will be made to the KHI Board of Directors for review and approval.

2018 KHI PFPC Members

KHI thanks previous members of the PFPC for their service and dedication:

Conflict of Interest:

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