KHI Board of Directors Governance Update

Given KHI's growth over the past 10 years, a task force was launched in 2022 to assess its governance and oversight structure, recognizing the need to represent the diverse interests of a large member community. Recommendations addressed increased member engagement in KHI activities and projects, and clear prioritization criteria aligned with a multi-year strategy. As approved by the KHI Board of Directors, KHI's governance structure was revised to include four standing committees:

  • Strategy Committee
  • Biologics Committee (includes xenotransplantation; cellular, tissue, and gene therapies; and vaccines)
  • Devices Committee (includes devices, diagnostics, and digital health)
  • Drugs Committee

Recommendations also included defined charge and governance of these committees and frameworks for defining KHI strategy and approving KHI activities. The approved task force recommendations can be found here. KHI will begin implementation on January 1, 2023.

KHI Board of Directors Governance Task Force Executive Summary

For more details on the recommendations, read the Executive Summary here.

KHI Board of Directors (BOD)

The KHI BOD is charged with executing the consortium's mission and objectives. Meet the Board of Directors!

KHI Patient and Family Partnership Council (PFPC)

The KHI PFPC advises and makes recommendations on projects and other activities to ensure that the voice, experiences, and involvement of people with kidney diseases are included in the development of kidney drugs, devices, and biologics. Meet the Patient and Family Partnership Council!