What is the Ideal Vascular Access and Is It Even Possible to Have a "Perfect" Vascular Access?

July 24, 2023


The July Monthly Mixer

The experience of people with kidney diseases with vascular access has not changed to match the promise of recent innovations. Are innovations providing patients an ideal access? Is an ideal access even possible? What are the barriers preventing vascular access innovations with promise from changing clinical care. Join the Kidney Health Initiative's July Mixer along with patients, clinicians, and innovators to discuss these problems and better understand the problems that vascular access innovations are trying to solve.

This informal conversation will provide people with kidney failure an opportunity to share their requirements for hemodialysis vascular access and for innovators and product developers to interact with patients and share the barriers they face in product development. The objectives for this event are to: 1) hear the patient perspective on the ideal vascular access, 2) facilitate conversation between innovators and patients on requirements and barriers, and 3) define specific problem areas that could be addressed in a pre-competitive forum.



Event Details

  •   July 24, 2023
  •   4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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