Precious McCowan, MS

ASN Biography
Precious McCowan, MS End-Stage Renal Disease Patient Advocate, Educator, and Mentor Precious McCowan is a two-time kidney transplant recipient from Dallas, Texas. She was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2010, receiving her first kidney and pancreas transplant the same year. The kidney failed after seven months. Precious received in-center hemodialysis for eight years, during which time she started her patient advocacy journey. Her advocacy work includes: Dialysis Facility Patient Representative Chair, End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Network 14 of Texas Patient Advisory Council Member, ESRD Network 14 Medical Review Board Subject Matter Expert, ESRD National Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network Subject Matter Expert, Kidney Community Emergency Response Program Peer Mentor, National Kidney Foundation Public Policy Committee, National Kidney Foundation Kidney Committee Patient Representative, National Quality Forum Kidney Committee Patient Representative, United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Patient Advisor, TMF Patient Advisor, Kidney Health Initiative Patient and Family Partnership Council Precious received a second transplant in April 2019 and diligently advocates for improved patient and family engagement, health literacy, and health equity. In January of 2023, Precious' second kidney transplant failed, and she returned to dialysis for the third time. Although she has experienced many ups and downs with kidney disease, she is determined to keep thriving. Precious has transitioned to home-hemo dialysis, which allows her to be in control of her health and freedom to keep advocating.