David M. White

ASN Biography
"The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered, and in order that the sick may have the benefit of advancing knowledge, union of forces is necessary.("William J. Mayo, MD). David M. (Dave) White endured six years of dialysis, a life-saving therapy, before receiving a kidney transplant from a deceased donor in 2015. During his long and arduous battle with kidney disease, Dave learned the importance of self-management and advocating for better care for himself and for others. Dave serves on the boards of directors of the Kidney Health Initiative and Quality Insights Renal Network 5. He chairs the Kidney Health Initiative Patient and Family Partnership Council, is past chair of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s Advisory Panel on Patient Engagement, and is an inaugural member of the FDA Patient Engagement Collaborative, an advancement in the FDA’s efforts to strengthen its relationship with patient communities. Dave is a Community Outreach Specialist at the Dreyfus Health Policy and Research Center in Brooklyn, NY. His work focuses on reducing health outcome disparities in East New York, where the average life expectancy can be as much as 10 years less than in other NYC zip codes. He believes that the best approach to reducing health disparities is empowering communities to effectively champion their own health and well-being. The Dreyfus Health Policy and Research Center is an independent nonprofit organization affiliated with Dialysis Clinic, Inc.