Nicolas Jose Guzman, MD

ASN Biography
Nicolas J. Guzman, M.D. has been the Director of Nephrology Clinical Research at AstraZeneca since 2014. He previously served as Associate Professor of Medicine in the division of Renal Disease and Hypertension at the George Washington University Medical Center. His areas of clinical expertise include chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease risk, acute renal failure and studying the relationship between renal disease and cardiovascular complications. Other areas of focus include arterial hypertension, specifically hypertension in chronic kidney disease, clinical pharmacology and toxicology, and medical education and technology. Dr. Guzman, an established research lead, has been invited to a variety of lectures and conferences to speak about his work. He has served on many scientific review, advisory and editorial review boards as a trusted expert. Dr. Guzman’s vast experience in the cardio-renal disease space continues to make him a valuable asset to AstraZeneca and to the chronic kidney disease franchise.