KHI's 2024 Objectives

  1. Convene and communicate a culture of innovation.
    1. Develop toolkits that communicate benefits, risks, and science to potential clinical trial participants. Examples include the Biologics Committee focus on cellular/ gene/ xenotransplantation therapies.
    2. Serve as a neutral forum that defines challenges and identifies collaboration opportunities that strengthen pipeline of kidney innovations. Examples include the KHI annual meeting, roadmaps, and roundtables.
  2. Support design and conduct of clinical trials.
    1. Integrate perspectives, preferences, and other measurements from people with kidney diseases and care partners in clinical trials. Examples include xenotransplantation, vascular access, human centered design, and patient advisory boards projects and activities.
    2. Evaluate clinical trial endpoints that could accelerate development of candidate products for rare kidney diseases. Examples include projects on C3G, IgA nephropathy, and sickle cell nephropathy.
    3. Increase participation of people with kidney diseases in clinical trials while also addressing participant diversity and underrepresentation. Examples include APOL1 and past COVID-19 focused projects.
    4. Increase participation of nephrologists who promote clinical trials as a treatment option. Examples include recent pediatric initiatives.
  3. Address innovation opportunities for pediatric kidney populations and people with kidney transplants.