About the Roadmap

In June 2016, the White House Organ Summit called for an increase in breakthrough research and development to improve outcomes for patients needing transplants. In response, KHI established an initiative to create a new, multidisciplinary approach to developing alternatives to dialysis to improve the lives of millions of people living with kidney failure.

Initial Roadmap Release

In October 2018 KHI published The Technology Roadmap for Innovative Approaches to Renal Replacement Therapy, which aimed to stimulate the innovation needed to move toward this goal. The goals of the roadmap are to:

  • Spur innovation in the KRT field
  • Create opportunities to attract industry and academic investment in developing KRT solutions
  • Encourage an internationally oriented multidisciplinary approach to solution development
  • Accelerate the availability and adoption of commercially viable solutions
  • Ensure that patient and care partner preferences are incorporated throughout the KRT solution development life cycle
  • Optimize models of reimbursement

As part of the roadmapping process, KHI incorporated input from a diverse and representative group of stakeholders, including patients, researchers, health care professionals, care partners, product developers, entrepreneurs, regulatory agencies, and payers. The inputs from the collaborative work of these key stakeholders created the foundation that informs this roadmap.

Roadmap Supplements

The roadmap has inspired several KHI-driven projects that extend the work of the roadmap:

Digital Roadmap

In 2022, to ensure greater access to the information contained in the roadmap, KHI converted the roadmap content to this current web-based format—enabling the "living document" concept called for in the 2018 release—which will be updated regularly to ensure the roadmap goals and direction remain relevant for the KRT community.